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The goal of the ECSC is to place cybersecurity at the service of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of democratic values, freedom of thought, dignity and critical thinking


The ECSC promotes friendly relations between attending countries, officials and players. Every person and organisation involved in ECSC is obliged to observe the Statutes, regulations and the principles of fair play


The ECSC provides the necessary institutional means to promote transparency and fairness of the competition between participants and to resolve any dispute that may arise between players


The ECSC is promoted by the European Commission and in a broader sense falls within the overall context of the EU’s Cyber Security Strategy, and the NIS Directive which together with the European Agenda on Security provide the overall strategic framework for the EU initiatives on cyber security and cybercrime

  • A word from the organiser of this year's edition of the European Cybersecurity Challenge

    Romania is proud to host the sixth edition of the European Cybersecurity Challenge - the annual European event that brings together young talent from across Europe to have fun and compete in cybersecurity!

    Top cyber talents from each participating country will meet in Bucharest to network and collaborate and finally compete against each other. Contestants will be challenged in solving security related tasks from domains such as web security, mobile security, crypto puzzles, reverse engineering and forensics and in the process collect points for solving them.

    More information about the 2019 edition will be announced shortly!

    Good luck to all the participants! We are looking forward to welcoming you all in Bucharest!

  • Find below the FAQs

    1. How can I participate?

    To participate in the European Cyber Security Challenge 2019 in Bucharest, please check the list of Participants to see which countries are taking part in the event this year. If your country is on the list, you can contact them through the official website. If your country is not currently involved, please make sure you check back for updates on the ECSC 2019 competition.

    2. Why should I participate?

    The European Cyber Security Challenge provides the opportunity to meet Europe's best cyber security talent. It allows you to collaborate and network with domain experts, to grow and learn by solving complex challenges and to stimulate your career and job opportunities by meeting industry leading organisations. ECSC proves that you are part of the best, and your skill is unmatched.

    3. Where is the 2019 Challenge hosted?

    The European Cyber Security Challenge 2019 will be hosted in Bucharest, Romania.

European Cyber Security Challenge 2019

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The growing need for IT security professionals is widely acknowledged worldwide. To help mitigate this shortage of skills, many countries launched national cyber security competitions targeting towards students, university graduates or even non-ICT professionals with a clear aim to find new and young cyber talents and encourage young people to pursue a career in cyber security. The European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) leverages on these competitions by adding a pan-European layer.

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The European Cyber Security Challenge is an initative by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and aims at enhancing cyber security talent accross Europe and connecting high potentials with industry leading organizations.

Learn more about ENISA

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More information about the organisers of the 2019 edition will be shared in the coming weeks.


European Cyber Security Challenge

ECSC 2019 will take place from 9th-11th October. Some of the activities, as usual, will not be open to the public.

October 9, 2019 - October 11, 2019 Bucharest, Romania

2018 Winners - Germany

2017 Winners - Spain

2016 Winners - Spain

2015 Winners - Austria

2014 Winners - Austria