European Cyber Security Challenge

ECSC2017 will take place from Oct 30th to Nov the 3rd. Some of the activities, as usual, will not be open to the public.

October 30 2017 - November 3 2017 Malaga, Spain

Conference track and recruitment fair

31 October 2017 Malaga, Spain

9:00 Open Session

9:45 Team presentations

10:30 Cybersecurity: The Eye of the Tiger by Fernando Aranda Sánchez and Luis Miguel Cerrato(Minsait INDRA)

11:30 Innovating Security||Securing Innovation by Floris Van Del DoolAccenture

12:30 WhatsApp End to End Encryption Demystified by Raul SILES

13:15 Lunch break

14:30 Fighting malware with a Next Generation security platform by Jesús Díaz Barrero(Palo Alto Networks)

15:00 Pentesting Azure by Juan GARRIDO

15:45 Collaborative efforts to share threat data in a vetted member community by APWG

16:15 Source Code Analysis for Pentesters by Simon ROSES

17:00 Trust as a service by Carmen Fernández Gago(University of Malaga)

Conference track, recruitment fair and main challenge

Restriction access may apply to challenge area in order to avoid interferences with the main challenge.

November 1 2017 Malaga, Spain

11:00 Round table: How to start your cybersecurity career? by INDRA, ACCENTURE and Palo Alto

12:00 Cybersecurity: from zero to hero by Fernando DIAZ(HISPASEC)

13:00 Lunch break

16:00 Fast Incident Response! by Marc Rivero

17:00 Challenge - Team presentations

19:30 Closing event and awards ceremony

Working groups

These are closed sessions.

31 October 2017ECSO WG5: Education, awareness, training, exercises

1 November 2017NECS